Air is made up of 78% Nitrogen (N2), 21% Oxygen (O2), and 1% Misc. (Water vapor, Hydrogen, other gases)

Weather is the condition of the air around us:

Climate is weather over time.

Air pressure is the weight of the air on an object.

Hygrometer - the tool used to measure the amount of water vapor in the air

Greenhouse Gases trap the heat from the sun. While we need some greenhouse gases, too much causes global warming.

Air mass is a huge area of the atmosphere with the same air pressure, temperature, and humidity. When multiple air masses meet, precipitation occurs. This is a front.

Factors affecting precipitation:

Forms of precipitation:

Wind (Measured in speed and direction, measured by anemometer):

Air Mass Types:

Air Front - the boundary of an air mass

1 knot = 1.15078 mi/h