Climate is the average weather over a long period of time.

Factors affecting Climate:

Factors Affecting Precepitation (TP)

Water is the the main reservoir of energy. The energy comes from the sun and gets trapped in the water. This is because water has a heat capacity of 4184 J/kg°C while air has a heat capacity of 1005 J/kg°C

Microclimate - A small area with different climate that the surrounding area.

How to find the average high temperature:

On three consecutive days, you have a temperature of 40°F, 50°F, and 60°F

You would do 40 + 50 + 60 = 150

Then, count the amount of numbers you have. I have 3 (40, 50, and 60). After that, divide the total (150) by 3 (amount of numbers)

You will have an average of 150 ÷ 3 = 50

Now, add the unit to the answer so you will get 50°F

Climate Zones